1846: Game 1

Game: 1846

Game Date: Sep 8, 2019


Player Starting Railroad Privates
Bart Grand Trunk Mich Southern, LSL
Kelvin IC Big 4, C&WI
Matt C&O Mail Contract
Nathan NYC Meat Packing, O&I
RedEyedGhost B&O Steamboat, Mich Central

This is the first game that our group played. I found a used copy here on BGG.  

End OR 1.1

By halfway through OR1.2, 2 spots in Chicago are already taken by Grand Funk and the IC.
1846-game1-r1.2.jpg 291 KB

Final map for first game of 1846

Final Standings:

Kelvin: 6288
Bart: 5764
Nathan: 5022
Matt: 4927
Nic: 4071

Final Railroad Statistics

Railroad President Trains Revenue Share Price
GT Bart 65 405
IC Kelvin 48 320
NYC Nathan 50 345
B&O Nic 42 230
C&O Matt 36 180

posted by Bart L.

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  • First game of 1846! good times!
    - Submitted by Bart L. over 1 year ago