18CZ: First Game

Game: 18CZ

Game Date: Dec 8, 2019


Player Starting Railroad Privates
Bart VBW (55) 2 small, 1 large
Nic OFE (50) 2 medium
Kelvin BCB (50) small, med, large
Nathan EKS (70) 2 small, 1 large
Lowell MW (55) 2 small

This was everyone's first game of 18cz. A couple of us had watched playthroughs the week before, but it was brand new for Nathan and Lowell.

18cz added a few new 18xx features that we haven't encountered before: 
  • 3 levels of companies 
  • acquisitions
  • 3 different kinds of trains.
  • n+n trains
  • exporting trains
  • purple tiles!

All of these additions were a lot of fun. The game felt complex, but not overwhelming. I was a bit worried about there being 3 kinds of trains and 3 levels of shares companies and 3 levels of privates. But these 3 levels complemented each other very well and felt natural half-way through the game. 

The n+n trains were great fun too! I was a bit worried that trying to optimize a 4+4 route would slow the game to a crawl, but I didn't feel they did. And these trains were incredibly powerful especially when combined with purple town tiles.

We played with 5 players and there are 5 small, medium and large companies, so it did feel like you needed to buy a company when everyone else did or you would miss out. I will have to see if there is that same feeling with 4 players which we will try next time. (With 2 separate 4 player games at our next meeting.)  And we are all looking forward to our next play.  At least 2 of the 5 players said 18cz was there new favorite 18xx.  

6th SR: Big companies floated

In the 6th SR, all 5 players started a large company. Nic floated the kk at 120k, Lowell the Ug and Kelvin the PR also at 120k. Nathan and I had a lot less money but felt pressure to start a large company too. Nathan started the SX and Bart the BY, at the minimum price of 90k. All these new, well-financed companies led to a train rush that ended with an 8E being exported at the end of the following ORs.

So after the 6th round of ORs, the rusting of the 4E happened! Nic and Lowell both had 2 4Es that rusted, I believe, before they were able to use them once. Kelvin and I had both earlier regretted not being able to grab a second 4E. But then the rusting happened and we counted our lucky coal-stained stars that we missed out.

Another good lesson was how much revenue can be gained from a medium company with a permanent 4+4 train! I will not buy those in so early, if at all, next time.

18cz-g1-sr3.jpg 255 KB

Wonderful 20k purple doink upgrade next to Praha!

18cz-g1-b4-big-rrs.jpg 276 KB

18cz-g1-b4-national-rrs.jpg 308 KB

4Es Rust!

Right before the 2nd to last SR, (the 6th export), a 5/5+5/8E train was exported, causing the all of the 4Es to rust. Nic and Lowell both had 2 4Es in their big companies (kk and Ug) and no other larger trains. They both had to sell down to 2 shares of kk / Ug each respectively to buy an 8E in the next OR.

18cz-g1-b4-national-rrs-first-or.jpg 276 KB

The Final Map and Share Prices.
18cz-g1-final.jpg 321 KB

Final Standings
Kelvin: 5404
Nathan: 4367
Bart: 4365
Lowell: 4201
Nic: 2788

Final Railroad Statistics

Railroad President Trains Revenue Share Price
PR Kelvin 5e 33 335
BY Bart 6e 39 250
SX Nathan 5e 35 240
Ug Lowell 8e 45 240
kk Nic 8e 41 231
nwb Lowell 5+5 38 100
bn Kelvin 5+5 38 100
kfn Lowell 4+4 25 90

posted by Bart L.

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  • Awesome game! instant top 10! w00t!
    - Submitted by Bart L. over 1 year ago