18CZ: game 3, upstairs

Game: 18CZ

Game Date: Dec 22, 2019


Player Starting Railroad Privates
Nic EKJ (55), OFE (50) 1 medium, 1 large
Matt VBW (65) 1 medium, 1 large
Lowell MW (60) 3 small
Nathan BCB (70) 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large

(This is the other 18CZ game that was going on upstairs. Matt ended up winning without floating a large company himself. He just invested in other players' large companies.

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A very close ending. The first 3 scores were within 20k of each other.

Final Score

Matt: 5690
Nic: 5679
Nathan: 5673
Lowell: 5483

(updated Lowell's score)

posted by Bart L.

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  • I'm already ready to play this again! The decision between the different sizes of companies is so good. I thought for sure that Nathan and I were well ahead of Matt (Lowell's score was added incorrectly and should be 720 lower), but his revenue with those few pieces of paper certainly out paced ours - I'm also a little pissed that he was so heavily invested in my large companies, so he was still able to reap the benefits of their double jumps. I did keep my word about not investing in Lowell's companies right up until the final stock round, because at that point the UG was well established, and guaranteed to pay out all three operating rounds - plus the two shares I was able to purchase were only 68 each! My reluctance to invest in Lowell's companies didn't completely infect Nathan and Matt until about SR4 - when he withheld for the first time in the entire game, right after they had both invested! It was hilarious. I did feel a little bad though because none of his companies earned a sold out bump until the final two rounds. He just can't seem to stay out of his own way - if he didn't withhold so often i wouldn't worry about investing in them - he really did have the MW purring. He didn't think about the 8E he was dead set on buying for the Ug rusting his 4E, and would have been better off running that 4E and buying a 6E instead, but he started the BN in the final ST to be able to buy the last i train as a 5+5 to unlock the 8E for the UG. But that also killed a 4E in my SX and KK (and really hurt Nathan's PR because that was its only train) - which dropped my revenue significantly, and when there's only an 11 point spread... We were all quite cautious with our train purchases this time!
    - Submitted by Nic over 1 year ago