1846: Stayin Home Black Friday

Game: 1846

Game Date: Nov 27, 2020


Player Starting Railroad Privates
Bart IC (90) C&WI, Mail contract
Kelvin PRR (100) Steamboat, MP
Nic NYC (70) Big 4
Matt GTR (100) MS, MC

Opening Private Draft 

I picked up the C&WI and grabbed the mail contract for $70 leaving me with $270 to start the first stock round. Kelvin grabbed the Meat Packing and the Steamboat. Matt grabbed the Mich Southern and the MC private. Nic had the Big 4.  Here's the game on 18xx.games.

First Stock Round

Matt had priority and started the Grand Trunk at $100, hoping to capitalize on the MS and MC privates. Next Nic started the NYC and floated it at $70.


Start of OR2.1

End of OR 3.2
End of OR3.2

Stock Round 4

When everything goes bleak...
Kelvin had priority and rather than starting a new company (B&O or C&O) he bought another share of the PRR. I counted my lucky stars and parred the B&O at $100. Matt purchased another GTR and Nic parred the C&O at $150, after much hemming and hawing.

ORs 4.1 and 4.2

We burned through trains and rusted first the 2s in OR4.1 and then the 3/5 and 4s in 4.2. By the time the C&O and B&O could buy a trains the cheapest was at 6 train for $800. (even after I issued 3 shares I was still short and has to sell a B&O and an IC share to afford the 6. oops.)

End of Game Map

Screenshot from 2020-11-27 15-16-05.png 254 KB

Final Railroad Statistics

Railroad President Trains Revenue Share Price
PRR Kelvin 4/6, 7/8 740 375
GTR Matt 5, 7/8 620 345
NYC Nic 7/8 460 270
C&O Nic 5 270 195
IC Bart 5 330 212
B&O Bart 6 320 165

Final Standings

Player Cash Revenue final Rounds Portfolio Value Final Score
Kelvin 1961 6221
Matt 1256 4736
Nic 1205 4715
Bart 576 2217

posted by Bart L.

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