1862: StayinHome18

Game: 1862 ea

Game Date: Jan 10, 2021


Player Starting Railroad Privates
Kelvin SVR(68) freight
Nic NGC(62) express
Bart FDR(62) freight
Kelvin E&H(62) express
Bart WVR(54) local

The opening flop, was pretty universally panned. But we kept it. I had first pick during the initial parliamentary round and I selected WVR, a company with a local charter as the first company to bid on. Nic passed and Kelvin bid me up to 10. I then parred it low, at 54, as it's a local and therefore the subsidy constantly trickles in 10 bps per city visited.

Next Nic put forth the NGC, an express near London, I passed and he and Kelvin bid it up to 20 before Kelvin dropped out of bidding. Nic parred it at 62. After that, Kelvin put up the FDR, a freight, on a port in the South near London. I've seen Kelvin do very well with a freight in this area, so I bid and won. (Briefly I was suspicious, this was a set up, which is always a fun strategy on the opening parliamentary round.) But I took it and parred it at 62. Next with me out of the remaining bids, Kelvin put up SVR, a freight one city away from London. Neither Nic nor I bid, so Kelvin parred it at 68 so that he could run first. Then in the second parliament round Kelvin put up the E&H, a company with an express charter with a 0 bid. No one bid, so he was able to start that company at 62.

End of 2.1

In stock round 3, I saw that there were still 2 openings in London so I put up the N&E, a freight sitting next to London with a starting bid of 0. No one else bid and I parred it for 100. I needed to sell a couple shares of FDR to float in the stock round. No one else put forth a company during the parliamentary round, but Nic floated the WstI for 105 during the stock round. By the end of OR3.2 Nic had folded the WstI into the NGC and I had folded WVR into FDR. Also at the end of round 3.1 Kelvin folded the E&H into the SVR.

End OR 3.2

End of Game

The game ended after OR 6.3. The endgame trigger was the purchase of an H train during round 5.  

Final Railroad Statistics

Railroad President Trains Revenue Share Price
SVR Kelvin 4/5E 8F 9F 1340 900
NGC Nic 6L 6F 9F 1350 850
N&E Bart 6F 6E 5E 1170 750
FDR Bart 5L 9F 940 655

Final Standings

Player Cash Revenue final Rounds Portfolio Value Final Score
Bart 7072 1799 12045 19117
Nic 5358 1601 10150 15508
Kelvin 5750 1400 9355 15105

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