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Game: 1861

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Game Date: Feb 28, 2021


Player Starting Railroad Privates
Nic M-K(80), MNN(70) P1, P4
Kelvin SPW(70), OK(60) P2, P5
Bart KR(60), KK(60), N(55) P3

This was our first game of 1861 (or any Ian Wilson game such as 1867) and we were excited to play, as the Kickstarter had just fulfilled. Unfortunately because of quarantine we were not able to get together to play face to face, but we were able to play on 18xx.games. Kelvin thought this was probably fortunate, as the website most likely saved us from a few rules goofs on our first play. 

The game starts with a private auction where companies are auctioned off one at a time from least to most expensive. Nic won the  first auction for P1 which just provides income for 25p. Next Kelvin won P2 which adds to runs to Odessa. Next up were the 2 Moscow privates. I had read that if anyone gets both of them, they will be hard to beat. So I made sure not to let Nic get them. I won the  first one P3 for 65p. Nic won the next P4 for 75p. Kelvin won the final auction for 115p for the Warsaw-Vienna railway P5, which gives extra 10p for each run to the huge Warsaw off-board that runs the entire western border.

Privates: Nic: P1, P5; Kelvin: P2, P5; Bart: P3.

The Initial Stock Round

As this was a new map, we let our private companies guide us. I wanted to grab a couple minors headed into Moscow. Nic did as well.  Kelvin wanted to start some in the southwest near Odessa and Warsaw.

The N (Nicolaev) is the first minor auctioned, it has a fixed route from St Petersburg to Moscow until phase 3. I put it for auction at 100p. Nic bid me up to 110p and then let me have it. Next put the MNN, a second Moscow minor up for 120p. I bid him up to 150p and then let him have it. Next offered the Odessa-Kiev for 120 and Nic and I passed.

The rest of the minors started: I floated 2 more minors the KK and KR at 60p. Nic floated another Moscow the M-K and Kelvin floated  the SPW, the St Petersburg Warsaw.

End of OR1.2

Final Map
Screenshot from 2021-03-13 13-40-58.png 305 KB

Final Railroad Statistics

Railroad President Trains Revenue Share Price
Moscow Kirsk Nizhnii Nic 5 5+5E 1090 490
Grand Russian Railroad Nic 5 7 810 440
Southwestern Kelvin 7 5+5E 1000 440
Moscow Kiew Voronezh Bart 6 2+2 720 360
Moscow Vindava Rybinsk Bart 6 2+2 780 270
Southeastern Kelvin 5 8 790 270

Final Standings

Player Cash Revenue final Rounds Portfolio Value Final Score
Bart 5281 2539 13221
Nic 5052 2336 12512
Kelvin 4464 2415 11764

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