1882: a bankruptcy lurks

Game: 1882: Assiniboia

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Game Date: Nov 8, 2020


Player Starting Railroad Privates
Bart HBR(82) Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan Central
Kelvin QLL(90) Trestle Bridge
Nic No float Canadian Pacific, NWR

Kelvin floated the QLL for 90. I floated the HBR for 82. Nic had only 335 after the private auctions and wanted to collect income from the CPR before trading it in, so he didn't float anything for the first 2 stock rounds.

In Stock Round 3, after loading the QLL with 3 2 trains, Kelvin sold five shares of the QLL dropping it's pirice from 90 to 67 and dumping it on Nic. Perhaps Kelvin was impatient with Nic waiting on the sidelines. With the proceeds, Kelvin started the CNR at 90. And I parred the GTR at $71.
End of OR3.1

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