1882: Sorry, No Bankruptcy

Game: 1882: Assiniboia

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Game Date: Oct 11, 2020


Player Starting Railroad Privates
Bart HBR(82)
Nic CPR(76) HB, SC, CP
Kelvin QLL(71) NWR, Trestle Bridge

The private auction: Nic picked up 3 of the privates (Hudson Bay, Saskatatchewan Central and Canadian Pacific) and Kelvin picked up the remaining two: (Northwest Rebellion and the Trestle Bridge.) Bart was left looking.

OR1: HBR buys two 2 trains, CPR buys two 2 trains, and the QLL buys two 2 trains and the first 3 train to propel us into phase 3 in the opening round. 

End in OR6.3: Broke the Bank

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Final Railroad Statistics

Railroad President Trains Revenue Share Price
GTP Kelvin D 430 325
HB Bart 6 370 155
CPR Nic 5 310 170
SCR Nic 5 310 275
CN Kelvin 5 190 160
QLL Kelvin 6 250 67

Final Standings

Player Cash Revenue final Rounds Portfolio Value Final Score
Kelvin 3253 7435
Nic 3000 6599
Bart 2510 5784

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