1867: Blizzard in Timmons

Game: 1867: Railways of Canada

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Game Date: Mar 14, 2021


Player Starting Railroad Privates
Bart NO(200), OP(110) Montreal, Niagara Falls
Kelvin CA(200), PM(100) Quebec
Nic TN(200) Detroit,P1

While a blizzard raged outside in Denver: Nic, Kelvin and I started our first game of 1867. This is a game of starting wholly owned minor companies that are eventually merged or converted into 10-share major corporations.

Private Auction

We split up the privates pretty evenly in the opening auction. There is no ripcord/waterfall auction in '61 or '67, just a straight auction from P1 to P5. All of the items went for close to face value, except the final St. Clair Tunnel (Detroit +10) which went a bit higher.

Nic: P1, P5 (Detroit)
Bart: P2 (Buffalo), P3 (Montreal)
Kelvin: P4 (Quebec)

Opening Stock Round
Kelvin had priority deal and put up the CA in Quebec for $200, as he had the matching private. We let him have it without a counter-bid. Next I put up the TN in Hamilton right west of Toronto and next to my Buffalo exit, but Nic bid it up to $215 and took it from me. Next Kelvin parred the PM in Troix Rivieres for $100. I was tempted with my Montreal Bridge private. (Also the Pere Marquette is my favorite company in 67.) But I let Kelvin have it so I could par 2 companies of my choice. So I parred the OP in Ottawa just to the west of Montreal for $110 and also the OP in Peterborough next to Toronto for $200 (so I could start that with two 2 trains).

End of OR1.2

This is probably my favorite tile lay of the game. My KP in Guelph asks politely: "Nic, won't you please let me into Hamilton? I'll give you access to the wondrous $20 stop in Guelph." Nic says, I'd love to but I really need this $10 water connection." :)
Screenshot from 2021-03-14 17-30-33.png 58.9 KB

Oof! Peterborough!  

Peterborough and Ottawa are two important chokepoints, although Ottawa opens up to three in gray. In the east Trois-Rivieres was also important.
Screenshot from 2021-03-14 21-59-44.png 166 KB

End OR6.3 final Map

Final Railroad Statistics

Railroad President Trains Revenue Share Price
GTR Bart 2+2, 5+5E 1080 400
GWR Nic 2+2, 8 830 330
CNR Kelvin 5 330 300
NTR Kelvin 7, 2+2 850 270
NYC Bart 5, 6 790 220
CPR Nic 5, 2+2 760 200

Final Standings

Player Cash Revenue final Rounds Portfolio Value Final Score
Bart 3850 8640
Kelvin 3348 8358
Nic 3565 7805

posted by Bart L.

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